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"Our power is about how we live our lives. Start living it."

-Cheryl Strayed


Hi, I’m Chrissy

A Mom from New Hampshire, writer, aspiring author, and following Gods calling on my life:

I'm so happy you landed here! I started writing and blogging years ago as a way of dealing with the crazy journey life put me on. Now, I'm sharing my journey through my pain as a way of connecting with other women and mamas in hopes to inspire them to share their story too.

I experienced the significant loss of my mother to cancer three years ago and found my journey through grief brought me closer to my faith. I found writing and sharing my story helped me work through my emotions, grief, and build my relationship with God. I also found that as I shared my story other women began to open up and it helped them start to heal too. I'm passionate about helping other women feel strong, empowered, beautiful, and inspired in their journey through life and I hope this little corner of the internet can do just that for you.

I've always felt a pull at my heart to write. To share with others my journey through life through my words. To share my faith. And in recent years I've felt a stronger pull to share how growing stronger in my faith, through my grief journey, has helped me heal and understand the significant loss, pain, and heartache I've faced through my life.

God has shown me that he finds a way to turn our pain into purpose. I hope here, my words can help you know that your struggles can become someones strength. Your words can become someones wisdom. And your tears can become someones truth.


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