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90 Day Mentorship Program

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Maybe you've been following me for a bit on social media, or are a customer of mine and are interested in how you can start your own beauty and skincare business. Would you like to work from home and make your own schedule? Have you been searching for something to inspire you to wake up excited each day? Maybe you've always been searching for a group of women to work alongside that will inspire, encourage, and support you. As a busy mom and teacher I was feeling burnt out and seeking something to reignite my passion for each day. Starting my own business did just that for me. If you're seeking something new, exciting, or just need some extra money for a fun night out this can be just that!

If  you're ready to say yes and start a new adventure you can join my 90 Day Mentorship Program today! You will be provided with step by step guidance on how to kick off your business from day 1! I will support you each step of the way through the program as your mentor so you'll never feel like you're floundering. Or maybe you just want to learn a little more about what this business would be like before signing up! Just fill out my form below and I'll reach out to get you started or answer any questions!



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