• Chrissy Locke

What Today Means for Young Girls: We Are Shattering Glass Ceilings

The other day I read this quote "When I accept myself as I am, I am better able to grow into who I am made to be" from Casey Wiegand it really made me think and I felt it so fitting for today.

When I was young I, as many young girls do, often picked myself apart. I would look at myself in the mirror and find all the things about myself that I didn't like. I would give myself negative self talk looking at what I thought wasn't beautiful or what our society held as their image of beautiful. I would look at other girls or women and want to look like they did because it's what I was made to believe was beautiful. I didn't see in my reflection what I should have seen back then. I wanted to be anything but what I saw looking back at me. I had little confidence in myself and didn't believe that I was able to accomplish the dreams I had or wanted for my future. Thinking of this today is actually heartbreaking. As the years passed I began to learn to accept and love myself for who I am and to have the confidence in myself to chase my dreams. However, that didn't come without a lot of hard work to change what I saw of myself. I hope that today, a day that marks a big historical feet, changes what society has made little girls believe of themselves. I'm not sharing my political beliefs one way or the other, I don't do that on social media. But what I am hoping to share, is that today marks a huge day for all women and little girls, and it means so much for all that we have been fighting for over the years.

As the years passed and I've learned that I was created in God's image I've learned to look at myself and what this young girl still inside of me has been able to do. I've learned to fill my mind with personal development and education, I've read books by strong influential women, listened to podcasts or followed woman on social media that lift one another up. I've learned that over the years this girl, this now woman, has ran many races in her 40 years. This body has brought two beautiful children into this world, loved and supported her family and friends, helped care for sick family members, been a shoulder to cry on, earned a masters degree in education, and accomplished many other feats that I had dreamed of from the time I was a young girl. All these things came with hard work, dedication, and determination to not give up. I've hoped that over the years the hard work I've put in helps show other young girls, and even my own boys, that women can do great things. That women can do big things if they dream it. And then today, despite your political view point or if you're a republican or a democrat, today a woman became Vice President of the United States. A woman that, despite what your personal thoughts are of her, helps many young woman of all ethnic backgrounds see that your dreams are possible. Our world is filled with so many mixed messages. Messages that still make young girls doubt themselves as I did when I was a child. Woman have been battling against what society believes we should be. Society...media...and others opinions for so long have told us how we "should look" or how we "should act", even what we "should eat" or what type of mother we "should be". I still have conversations with people trying to educate them on how a woman feels in the work force or how she feels walking into a room full of men. Sharing with them how we are still fighting for equal pay in certain professions. For years we've been fighting against those standards. Against those beliefs. Today marks a day in our history that those societal beliefs have been shattered. A day that I hope helps young girls see that your dreams are possible. That if you continue to dream big, have confidence in yourself, and work hard for what you believe in, you can make big change.

Today marks a day that goes down in history where women continue to break barriers. Today marks a day that young girls see what IS possible.

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